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+370 699 01062

Talented designers, well-known manufacturers and expressive solutions - salon BARCELONA LIVING.
+370 677 03566
"BERNHARDT by Adorno" is an interior showroom that presents an exclusive range of furniture from US based company "Bernhardt Furniture". Company was established in 1889, in...

House of interior “Decosense” represents world famous Belgian, English, Spanish, Dutch companies. You will find handmade furniture, fabrics and tapestries, original and authentic interior details of the highest quality here.
+370 659 81752

We are able to offer inventions, experience and creativity of world famous psychologists, engineers.
+370 699 84511
The DESIGN+ showroom represents interior accessories of well-known European companies and Scandinavian furniture, renowned for its minimalism, functionality, and quality. Exceptionally designed...,
+370 618 31578, +370 688 08538
Žvelgiame į dizainą kitomis akimis! Jauni, žaismingi, naujai susibūrę, bet su 10-ies metų patirtimi. Tikime ir pasitikime savo produktu, kurio garantija siekia, net 30 mėn.
(8 5) 274 1163
In interior showroom DUBINGIAI you will find the latest and the most facionable ideas to create cosines in your home. Having visited our salon you will choose everything you need for cosy home:...
Great furniture can not only be the matter of luxury. Quality and design can be affordable. This is the idea of EASE which offers furniture, accessories and lightning from manufactures who are...
+370 645 68843
Su džiaugsmu pristatome Jums pasaulyje garsaus ženklo ekspoziciją. Tik Jūsų dėka sparčiai augome ir mums buvo patikėta garbė tapti oficialiu šio ženklo atstovu Lietuvoje.Auk&scaron...
8 650 50096

In "Jaukumas" salon can be found not only various functional spaces suitable for furniture, but you can get Interior design tips, or the whole creation, order some home textiles - pillows, curtains, here we create and sew them from the wide range of fabrics.
(8 5) 274 7332
The LEJA store is a place where you can enjoy the luxury of Great Britain style.  LEJA  is proud to be able to present furniture of the most famous British firms “Wade”, ...
Furniture for offices and hotels.
+370 656 61199

NM salon - it's modern, yet timeless furniture and accessories for the home and commercial spaces. To ensure that customers create a unique home environment and it will serve a long time.
Italian company Camelgroup for many years a leader among the other furniture manufacturers. Also the company produces a variety of accessories for your home interior ( mirrors , consoles , lamps...
(8 5) 210 1123
You will find the largest choise of world's top producers of wallpaper and fabric. We may also offer a professional service of decorating textiles as well as furniture renewal. There are...
Pristatome Jums specializuotą ROM belgiškų baldų saloną. ROM - kasmet tobulėjantis, nuolat funkcinių ir stilistinių sprendimų ieškantis,pažangiausias technologijas baldų gamyboje...
(8 5) 274 1172, +370 655 28329
Showroom “SIMETRIA” is for getting warm, human state of the art for a reasonable price. We try to offer furniture and the lighting solutions of famous manufactures that are of...
+370 618 00506
We offer furniture, lamps, rugs and home accessories for Scandinavian-style interiors. Famous Scandinavian brands are available: Swedese, HAY, MUUTO, GUBI, Softline, Innovation, Kvadrat, Secto...
+370 685 38911

"SORTIMENTI" - it is a professional interior design and the development of atmospheric house with 18 years of experience.

Everything from classical to modern.

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