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Do you know the secret of a great morning, proper rest, a deep and peaceful sleep? It lies in the mysterious world of “1000 ir 1 naktis“ –...
+370 5 2753108
Comany „Vilkonda“ dates back to 1991, when the abandoned production facilities, on the outskirts of Vilnius, establishing the first flooring company specializing in the production of...
+370 616 99661
The company of trade and services offers the diversity of molding and curtain hanging systems, crochet trads, special fabrics and accessories of high quality for window decoration and sewing of...

House of interior “Decosense” represents world famous Belgian, English, Spanish, Dutch companies. You will find handmade furniture, fabrics and tapestries, original and authentic interior details of the highest quality here.
(8 5) 274 1163
In interior showroom DUBINGIAI you will find the latest and the most facionable ideas to create cosines in your home. Having visited our salon you will choose everything you need for cosy home:...
+370 659 05332

Our company delivers furniture design trends that are dictated by the world famous and recognized brands. Before entering Lithuanian market they have gained recognition all through the world. There are two things that we concentrate on and put the whole of our heart in – furniture and people.
8 650 50096

In "Jaukumas" salon can be found not only various functional spaces suitable for furniture, but you can get Interior design tips, or the whole creation, order some home textiles - pillows, curtains, here we create and sew them from the wide range of fabrics.
(8 5) 274 7332
The LEJA store is a place where you can enjoy the luxury of Great Britain style.  LEJA  is proud to be able to present furniture of the most famous British firms “Wade”, ...
(8 5) 210 1123
You will find the largest choise of world's top producers of wallpaper and fabric. We may also offer a professional service of decorating textiles as well as furniture renewal. There are...
+370 618 00506
We offer furniture, lamps, rugs and home accessories for Scandinavian-style interiors. Famous Scandinavian brands are available: Swedese, HAY, MUUTO, GUBI, Softline, Innovation, Kvadrat, Secto...
+370 685 38911

"SORTIMENTI" - it is a professional interior design and the development of atmospheric house with 18 years of experience.

Everything from classical to modern.
+370 699 73654
ENJOY A BETTER SLEEP!TEMPUR® is an open cellular viscoelastic, breathable and temperature-sensitive material. It fits the countours of a body and provides comfort and support where it...
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