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Do you know the secret of a great morning, proper rest, a deep and peaceful sleep? It lies in the mysterious world of “1000 ir 1 naktis“ –...
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Our experience will help you to create a distinctive style and comfort. In salon “Deco Home“ you will find: bathroom equipment (water faucets, baths, shower cabins, etc.) as well accessories for bath and home, lamps, restored antique furniture, mirrors, curtains for bathrooms... It is so good to come back home and feel that this is your catle.
+370 699 84511
The DESIGN+ showroom represents interior accessories of well-known European companies and Scandinavian furniture, renowned for its minimalism, functionality, and quality. Exceptionally designed...
Great furniture can not only be the matter of luxury. Quality and design can be affordable. This is the idea of EASE which offers furniture, accessories and lightning from manufactures who are...
+370 607 85009
Highest quality non standard massif, natural wood, plywood, MDF, plastic or other material furitures of kitchen, dinning room, bathroom or office furnitures as well...
+370 611 07273
Products: Tyles for interior and exterior, flooring, natural stone, lighting, wallpaper, carpeting, Vinyl flooring, solid wookd planks, wooden terraces, artificial stone, sanitary ware.
+370 699 16628
Product categories: bathroom equipment, sanitary ware, shower cabins, taps and water faucets, hydromassage baths, massage wall, mini swimming pools, bathtubs, bathroom furniture, wall coverings,...
+370 659 95507
Showroom “ROSENTHAL“ offers equipment of the best quality-price ratio!Our showroom distinguishes by the fact that we can offer a very wideselection of classical series. This is what...
(8 5) 274 1103, +370 612 10140
Showroom “TERMO LAIT” is a showroom of bathroom interior. We sell SVEDBERGS, SONIA, DEVO, MEDICLINICS, ROSSIGNOL production. We are the main representatives of these brands here...
+370 656 56960
We are one of the greatest distributors of interior finishing products (boards, panels and table-tops) and furniture hardware, representing German, Italian, Austrian, Latvian companies in...
+370 699 67823

" Vonios dizaino namai " represents the high quality of Western European manufacturers of bathroom equipment that delivered from the best-known these days design developers, such as Phillipe Starck , Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, Ronan and Ewan Bouroulec, Jean - Marie Massoud and others.

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