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Paroda "Menas namams"
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Domus Gallery - the largest in Lithuania and the Baltic countries trade center, specialized in furniture and interior design. It is distinguished by stylish and well-known, internationally recognized manufacturers of goods. Unique because of its unique format - reflecting the latest fashion and technology trends. Stuff and solutions here with the idea!

For the entrepreneurs in the Gallery work is their passion for life. About furniture and interior design, they know more than the buyer can ask.

It is not only the center of trade but also an intellectual communication, creation center, self-expression space. It's good to be, relax, socialize, discover, get inspiration here. Interior design professionals, artists reveal new modern lifestyle and culture of everyday communication undertones in different meetings and seminars.

There is an Art gallery in Interior Design Center. It displays art, prints and sculptures, which are available for purchase. They will enrich home interior with the creative energy.

Domus Gallery - a trade name of its history and meaning, characterizing originality of the genuine, long-lasting luxury spirit. This is time, knowledge and experience in polished home values.

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